The Magnificence of the Hanok – 한옥

Traditional Korean dwellings, known as Hanok (한옥) are an important part of Korean structural design and history, demonstrating the country’s distinctive architectural past. The term Hanok was introduced to distinguish the traditional Korean house style from the usual western model. They are designed to integrate with the natural environment and provide sanctuary and comfort, and […]

The Hill of Tara; Exploring the Treasure of Ireland

  Visiting Ireland, one is drawn to the ancient ruins of a time long passed, a time of ancient religion and mystical powers beyond our understanding. No site better illustrates this than the one In County Meath, Ireland. The Hill of Tara (Teamhair or Cnoc na Teamhrach) is a site dating back to the Neolithic Age; an […]

Discovering the Magic of Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing

    Since the beginning of time, forests have provided much of what humans need for survival, ranging from clean air, fresh water, fruits and vegetables, wild game, shelter from the elements, and wood for building homes and starting fires. Our ancestor’s survival largely depended on what a healthy forest could provide. As we transition […]