Refund and Return Policy

As Part of our 100% Happiness Guarantee, our Return and Refund policy may be the most customer friendly policy in our industry.


Unopened Items 

  • Return any unopened product within 45 days FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE for a 100% Full Refund (NO QUESTIONS ASKED) we will send you the return shipping box fully labeled and will deduct the best possible shipping costs from your refund.
  • Return any unopened product AFTER 45 Days and up to 3 months from the original purchase date for a 60% refundAs stated above, we will deduct the best possible shipping costs.

The term “unopened” indicates that the tamper proof seal has not been cracked or broken. If the tamper proof seal is broken, but you insist you did not use it, it still falls within the “Opened Items” category. Please see below for our policy on opened items.


Opened Items

  • Return any opened product within 14 days of purchase and we will exchange it for a new item. We will honor this one time per customer, and we ask simply that you to pay the shipping costs applied to the brand-new item we send to you, along with the return shipping from the opened item.
  • As stated before, we maintain a NO QUESTIONS ASKED policy on the return of the opened item. We welcome your 100% optional feedback letting us know why you were not satisfied with your product, as it will assist us in understanding why you were not pleased and what we can do to improve your experience, along with the experiences of our future customers.
  • Unfortunately, contacting us about an OPENED item over 14 days after delivery will not qualify you for a return, refund, or exchange.


Unopened = Tamper Proof Seal NOT Broken

Opened = Tamper Proof Seal IS Broken