Join Our Team

Ancient City™ is searching for individuals who are enthusiastic about what we are aiming to manifest as a company, which is to bridge the gaps between the old and the new world. 

We are looking to work with herbalists, holistic health practitioners, spiritual leaders, farmers, tour guides, indigenous peoples, cultural experts, creatives (artists, musicians, writers), historians, small business owners, environmental specialists, chefs, journalists, activists, etc.; Particularly, those who are passionate about anything related to the culture you represent.

Whether it be about an ancient civilization’s lifestyle and cultural practices, native environment, archaeological and historical sites, cities of interest, art, photography, music, and literature, cuisine, religion and rituals, folklore, people of influence, health and fitness, travel and leisure, grassroots organizations, charities, or anything else of relevant historical or educational value, we want you to contact us and share your contributions!  We are always looking to add people to our team who share our vision. 

We cant wait to hear from you!